What is the Jellyfish Beach Kit?

The Jellyfish Beach Kit is designed to neutralise stinging cells on the surface of the skin after contact with a jellyfish using a liquid (Sea Acetum) and to cool and soothe the skin using a gel (Sea Gel).

How does the Jellyfish Beach Kit work?

When you come into contact with a jellyfish, stinging capsules are transferred, which adhere to the skin through the surrounding mucus. A small portion of the stinging capsules are released by the initial contact. The sting contained in the stinging capsules penetrates the epidermis and causes painful discomfort due to the toxin released.

The majority of the stinging capsules remain intact and lie on the skin’s surface. Moistening the area with the Sea Acetum liquid, neutralises these remaining intact stinging capsules, allowing them to be removed and further injuries avoided.

How do you use the Jellyfish Beach Kit?

After contact with a jellyfish, leave the water quickly and use the jellyfish kit immediately:

Step 1: Put on protective gloves (Figure 1) to prevent hand injuries caused by triggering stinging capsules during application.

Step 2: Spray Sea Acetum liquid onto the stinging capsules on the skin. Allow to take effect for approximately 60 seconds, repeat if necessary (Figure 2).

Step 3: Use the scraper to carefully scrape off the adhering stinging capsules at an angle of approximately 30° (Figure 3).

Step 4: Apply Sea Gel to the affected area. This will have a soothing and relaxing effect on the skin. (Figure 4).

Step 5: It is generally recommended to seek medical advice after contact with jellyfish (Figure 5).

Liquid Sea Acetum
Scraper for removing the stingers
Cooling Sea Gel
Package leaflet
Storage box
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