Jellyfish Beach Set

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World Innovation!

Jellyfish Beach Set – The world’s first beach cosmetics for immediate, reliable skin care after jellyfish contact.

Fast & efficient

Neutralizes the poison of superficially lying jellyfish stings.


Cooling skin care by Sea Gel, made in Switzerland.

Jellyfish Beach Set – Immediate, reliable, and cooling skin care after jellyfish contact

High risk areas

Development of the jellyfish population since 1950

    • Europe85%

    • Asia70%

    • North America60%

    • South America50%

Increasing numbers of Jellyfish are found in regions where they were not originally indigenous due to global warming and overfishing of the Oceans…


When you come into contact with their tentacles, the stinging cells sitting on them shoot out a so-called nematocyst, which burrows into the outer layer of the skin and releases a toxic secretion.

Smaller fish are killed by the poison, while in humans it causes pain, skin redness, or itchy rashes with swelling or blistering. Left untreated, the effect is akin to a mild burn, with potential for pigmentation changes or even scarring.

Because the water is warmer, the jellyfish appear earlier in the year, reproduce for longer periods, and as a result, their numbers continue to increase.

They disrupt swimmers and bathers at countless beaches along our coastal regions.

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