Jellyfish Beach Set – The world’s first beach cosmetic for immediate and reliable skin care after jellyfish contact

Jellyfish are predators and feed on plankton and small fish. When their tentacles come into contact with skin, the stinging cells on them release a thread called a nematocyst, which pierces the top layer of skin and releases a toxic secretion. Smaller fish are killed by the venom, while in humans it causes pain, redness, or itchy rashes with swelling or blistering.

The Jellyfish Beach Kit is suitable for the whole family (children > 2 years) and provides immediate and reliable skin care in 5 steps after contact with jellyfish:

Step 1: Put on the protective gloves (figure 1) to prevent injuries to hands caused by triggered
stinging capsules during application.
Step 2: Spray Sea Acetum liquid onto the stinging capsules adhering to the skin.
Leave on for approx. 60 seconds, repeat if necessary (figure 2).
Step 3: Carefully scrape off the adhering stinging capsules with the scraper at an angle of
around 30° (figure 3).
Step 4: Apply Sea Gel to the affected area. This will have a soothing and relaxing effect on the
skin (figure 4).
Step 5: After contact with jellyfish, it is generally recommended to consult a doctor (figure 5).

A jellyfish consists of 95 percent water.
Among the 5 classes – Anthozoa, Stauromedusae or Staurozoa, Cubozoa, Scyphozoa,  Hydrozoa – up to 5000 species are known today.

The smallest jellyfish has the size of a rice grain and the biggest a diameter of two  meters. Jellyfish are predators and food competitors of fish. Natural enemies of the  jellyfish are fish and turtles.

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